Who We Are

We are an experienced team of counseling psychotherapists that offers a high standard service in the provision of professional on-line assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological prob­lems through short or long-term counseling and psychotherapy sessions for a range of issues including:

Anxiety – Relationship problems – Stress – Depression – Anger – ADHD – OCD – Phobias – Self-esteem – Bereavement – Trauma – Abuse – Work/career orientation – Addiction – Personal development.

Concerned with mental health and wellbeing of our clients, icounseling services guarantee non-judgmental approach, confidential and warm emotional atmosphere, sounding support and respect for individuals. Online counceling has the potential to serve individuals with limited mobility, time restrictions, and limited access to mental health services.

In the context of online and distance counseling, the disinhibition will encourage the therapeutic expression and self-reflection. Alongside with the comfort that the icounseling will provide, we guarantee trust and maximum of confidentiality on the basis of the professional guidelines and codes of ethics of the counseling and human development professions.